03 May 2013

Plugging along on the novel

I've told friends that revising my novel is like taking apart a jig-saw puzzle and putting it back together upside-down and backwards. And truly, that's how it's felt. Lots of stuff from the back has come forward. A deleted scene has been added back in. The town name has changed. There is not a spot in the story that I haven't touched somehow.
     So it was fun to get a flurry of emails this morning - we have to nail down the name! To have the book listed in the catalogues for the major distributors, the blurb and title have to be in by May 9th. ACK!
     Of course, I've been working on these all along - struggling to get it just right. Have I nailed it yet? There's nothing like a deadline to make me!
     The good news is, that means I'll be able to share the title and premise with you in just a few days!!! Wahooo!!!


Ema M said...

I just stepped into the story but how exciting for you! Congratulations!

Grafixjess said...

Can't wait!

Rhonda Miller said...


Robyn Hood Black said...

Yee-hi! So excited for you, e, and looking forward to it.

Shanda McCloskey said...

Excited right along with you!


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