What do frogs have to do with public health?

Frogs feature prominently in my new novel, because they are a warning flag for environmental damage. They breathe through their skin making them especially susceptible to toxins. And in our world where we keep using more and more chemicals, frogs are paying the price: "Study finds for the first time frogs and other amphibians declining around US at alarming rate."
     But so are people. Watch Tyrone Hayes, amphibian expert, and Penelope Jagessar Chaffer on "The Toxic Baby?"

     This is why I stand against Monsanto. They are rampant users of atrazine (click here for proof) and are one of the main reasons our world and our food is poisoning us. And yet, they have such sway with our congress, there is no legislation trying to stop or regulate them: Senate GOP Quashes attempt to overturn 'Monsanto Protection Act.'
     As I revise my novel, I'm trying to stay on top of environmental issues that I may get questions about when my book is released. It's disturbing to learn that such obvious harm is being committed without check, even when the results of these damaging products are staring us in the face.

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