What Most Schools Don't Teach...

And why the heck not?
It's amazing that computers have become so pervasive in our society and yet coding is not being taught in schools. I taught myself html during a slow time at one of my graphic design jobs before I got into children's books. And yes, it is intimidating, but it IS learnable!! And I use those skills almost every day on my blog and website, when I created LULA'S BREW, in my volunteer work - you name it. It's a necessary skill. "I'm a luddite" shouldn't be an acceptable excuse anymore.

Thanks to SwissMiss for the heads up.


Will Terry said…
YES YES AND YES! But I'm biased against a system that selects and discards from the students we are forced to send to them. They also don't encourage creativity ...probably because it's hard to test. Entrepreneur skills are also very valuable but those aren't taught either...no - it's an antiquated system that will not move with the times and teach valuable skills like coding.
Cool post, Elizabeth! Great point.

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