London 1926

This footage speaks for itself - how amazing to see it in color! And what it refers to as crazy traffic is, well, not. And the clothes! For some reason black and white doesn't bring it home like this does:

Incredible colour footage of 1920s London shot by an early British pioneer of film named Claude Friese-Greene, who made a series of travelogues using the colour process his father William - a noted cinematographer - was experimenting with. It's like a beautifully dusty old postcard you'd find in a junk store, but moving.

The lovely people at the BFI have lots of other footage from his film, The Open Road on their YouTube channel up here More background on this here

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Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Amazing Elizabeth, in some things nothing has changed and in others it's a different world, how very interesting, thank you for bringing this to light here.