THE BEAR'S SONG by Benjamin Chaud - GIVEAWAY!

I wasn't able to get an interview on this one as Benjamin Chaud is French. But I still had to share this beautiful book with you, republished in English in the US by Chronicle Books. It's called THE BEAR'S SONG. Along with being a little bit like WHERE'S WALDO, and a little bit like a sweet bedtime read, the artwork is stunning and will keep you staring for hours! (I like the original French cover too, don't you?)

(Click this image to see it larger in a new window.)

Papa Bear and Little Bear are supposed to be hibernating. But Little Bear is too wiggly and takes off after a honey bee.

(Click this image to see it larger in a new window.)

It leads him into the city and into an opera house (of course).

Where Papa Bear sings a lullaby to find his son. (And scares the bejeezers out of everybody else there.)

Lucky us, Chronicle is giving away one free copy of THE BEAR'S SONG to one of my lucky commenters! (Must live in the US or Canada to win.) Enter below.
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StacyH said...

Wow, this book is beautiful! I love the artwork and the great colors. I am a family child care provider and I would love to share this book with the children I care for. I also love how the cover is in french :)I love bringing books from different cultures into my reading corner for diversity...thanks for sharing!!

apple blossom said...

This sounds like a book I'd love to share with my nieces and students I teach.

Shanda McCloskey said...

The artwork speaks to me!!!

Zach Roush said...

This artwork looks amazing! Loving some of the books that are coming out in the U.S. with the European artwork :)

LadyD Piano said...

Excellent detail, great illustrations! I love the fact that he sings a lullaby to find his son, heartwarming!