New Widget For YOU!

Have you embedded my Coloring Page Tuesday widget on your website or blog? My beloved widget company is moving on, so I've had to find another provider - which means you need to change your code to keep my widget updating with each week's new coloring page. So, if you want this in your blog or website:

You need to put copy and paste this code into your site:
Thanks so much and give me a holler if you have any questions!


Ardilla said…
Hi, Elizabeth!
I changed it but this new one doesn't work :(
Hi Ardilla,
When you're adding the widget to your sidebar in blogger - under "Layout" you'll want to click on "Add a Gadget" and be sure to select the HTML/JavaScript editor. That's where you'll paste the coding. That should straighten it out for you.

Also, I spoke with my new widget company and they pointed me to as a potentially helpful resource.

Thanks for your support and patience!!! :) e

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