Pre-order a signed copy of A BIRD ON WATER STREET!

As an incentive to kick off sales of my debut historical fiction mid-grade, my publisher - Little Pickle Press is offering a groovy thing. You can pre-order A BIRD ON WATER STREET NOW for less than the full retail price AND it will have a bookplate in it, signed by ME! Cool idea, right? I love that they're doing this!
CLICK HERE or the image below to order your copy now!

(Gads, this is exciting stuff!! MY novel!!! Wow.)


Anonymous said…
So how's shipping managed? Do we need to add some dollar amount on now, or will it happen later? 'cause I'm pretty sure $7 won't cover getting that book to my coast.
Good question Dan - I have no idea. But I have put your question to the powers that be.
Thanks for your interest!
So Dan, that includes domestic shipping!!! What a deal! :) e
Anonymous said…
That's a deal! Ordered. And pimped on my social media feeds.
Oh - you are AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!!!! :) e

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