Friday Linky List - August 15, 2014

At Salon: Murakami’s understated triumph: What Japan’s most celebrated writer knows that American novelists don’t

Via PW and Omaha Public Library debuts book bike, a library on wheels - awesome!

From PW via Pop Culture Imagined As Children's Books. Just scary. But what a great way to get your portfolio out there!

From via Nathan Bransford: Very Good Advice From Bill Watterson (of Calvin & Hobbes fame), In Comic Strip Form

At PW: Children's Book Output Dipped Slightly in 2013 - What's most interesting about this article is the graph of books produced each year since 2002!

From NPR: Scientists Say Child's Play Helps Build a Better Brain. Duh!

At Sunday Review: Hit The Reset Button In Your Brain - how and why to compartmentalize your activities.
,br> At The Daily Beast: Dumps and Death Threats, Hecklers and Vindication: True Tales from Today's DIY Book Tour

From Science Daily: Can Fiction Stories Make Us More Empathetic?

From School Library Journal: Chickens in the Stacks, and Other Strange Tales from Public Librarians

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