Simon & Schuster's Behind the Book video series

S&S has created an interesting series of videos called Behind the Book, of editors discussing the books they've worked on, because...
"Apart from the author, nobody knows a book as well as its editor, and our Behind the Book videos will share with readers some of the inside information and in-house perspective on a book's path to publication," Ellie Hirschhorn, executive v-p, chief digital officer of S&S, said.
     They're short glimpses behind the scenes - fascinating! I especially liked:
Behind the Book: Lynn Cullen's Mrs. Poe
Behind the Book: The Summer Wind - an actual discussion between the author and editor
     You may also want to check out the video commentaries by the authors, such as Terra Elan McVoy on IN DEEP (which I'll be featuring soon).

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Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

I love these videos!