Friday Linky List - November 21, 2014

Ferguson 'Hands' Together: Artist Aims to Unite Community at NBC. How's THIS for an argument to fund the arts? Art isn't just to make our world more pretty - it can be a movement for peace. YES!

From Emma Dryden's Our Stories, Ourselves: The Entrepreneurial Spirit: "Dare Greatly!" The Road from Reformed Lawyer, Investment Banker, and Mother of Three to Author and Publisher - the story of MY publisher at LITTLE PICKLE PRESS. (After you read, you'll understand why I chose to go with LITTLE PICKLE PRESS!

From Bustle: In Case You Forgot, William Steig is One Of Your Absolute Favorite Picture Book Authors From Childhood

From Pub(lishing) Crawl: A Reminder to Actually Write by Susan Dennard

Also from Pub(lishing) Crawl: Expectations vs. Reality by Jodi Meadows

At Emu's Debuts: So, how's the book doing? by Laurie Ann Thompson - fellow EMLA peep!

From BuzzFeed Books: 19 Unbelievably Laughable Book Fails - HA!

At the NY Times: On Elite Campuses, an Arts Race - and yet with no focus on the arts in the lower grades. Hm.

From PW: AAP, Authors Guild Discuss Author-Editor Process - interesting

Neil Gaiman via Shelf Awareness: 'Closing Libraries is Endangering the Future' (!!!)

At Nerdy Book Club: It's Okay to Write Terrible Stories by Julie Falatko - every beginning writer should read this!

From Forbes: 27 Pre-Written Templates For Your Toughest Work Emails - Hmmm! (Until they start showing up everywhere.)

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