University of Edinburgh here I come!

BIG NEWS! I have been accepted into the MFA in Illustration program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland!!!! Class begins September 14, 2015, so between now and then our lives will be radically changing. We plan to get rid of most of what we own (be looking for eBay and Craigslist links soon), sell our house, and start shaping a new life in SCOTLAND!!!
     I'll still return to Roanoke, Virginia (US) each summer to teach Picture Book Design at Hollins University in the MFA in Writing and Illustrating Children's Books and Certificate in Children's Book Illustration programs - so I'll be in the US for 6 weeks each summer. But otherwise, it will take two years minimum to achieve my MFA in person in SCOTLAND!!!!!
     This is the achievement of two lifetime goals: to live in Europe and get my MFA before I turn 50. As it stands, I will graduate nearly on my birthday exactly! I'm doing it!!!
     I'll keep you updated as things come together. OMG!!!!
CLICK HERE and HERE to see some stunning photos of where we're heading!


I am so thrilled for you. I LOVE that you're going after your dreams and MAKING THEM HAPPEN! You go, girl!
Thank you sweetie!!! :)
Granmargaret said…
Congratulations. Hope all goes well with the move.
Granmargaret said…
Congratulations. Hope all goes well with the move.
A great big congratulations to you, E. Sounds like a wonderful adventure!
Ruth said…
I am so happy for you!!!! Living our dreams is what life is all about!!! Your choice will be a nugget 0f information I tell my grandchildren when they sit down to read one of your wonderful books or to color one of your fantastic coloring pages. You are an inspiration to us all.
Thanks everybody! And Ruth - what a lovely thought. I'm so flattered! :) e
Lisa said…
Awesome news! Congratulations :) Make sure you try some haggis, it is actually DELICIOUS.
Scattered Brain said…
Congratulations, like everything else you have done, I am sure you will do great.
Lisa, I'm sure I will try Haggis at some point - I'm brave like that! Thanks Scattered Brain! :) e
Joan Longfield said…
Wow, I'm so happy for you. It's been a privilege to know you. All the best in your studies and hope to see you back around the Decatur area.
Thanks Joan! :) e
J. E. Morris said…
Congratulations! I visited Scotland for the first time a couple of years ago and loved it. You have no idea how crazy jealous I am!
Wow! Congratulations!!!!
JenFW said…
I'm cheering for you, Elizabeth, and I look forward to sharing your adventure here and on Facebook. I hope the program brings you new insights and opportunities!
Thanks all! I'll try to be good about sharing my adventure here so that folks can live vicariously. :) e
Danny Fell said…
Congratulations Elizabeth and all the best. Maybe we'll come visit before you all leave.
Danny, our email will be the same. Please do look us up if you come over!! Hugs, e

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