Friday Linky List - April 17, 2015

From The Guardian: Growing up I thought Filipinos weren't allowed to be in books - by Candy Gourlay

From Publishers Weekly: Bologna 2015: The Hunt for Something 'Special'

From IrishCentral: Why the real story of the Irish Famine is not taught in U.S. schools - interesting and relevant!

From Futurebook: Are publishers getting the #authorsay message? Interesting.

Here's more on the topic at Grumbling, but not quitting: what authors really think of publishers

From The New York Times (and linked by well, everybody): Her Stinging Critiques Propel Young Adult Best Sellers. Guess whose slush pile is about to get a little deeper...

From Shelf Awareness: Sunday on NPR's Weekend Edition: Chantel Acevedo, author of The Distant Marvels (Sunday, April 12th for your archive search)

From School Library Journal: Despite Citywide Cuts, West Philadelphia Alliance for Children Opens 18th School Library Wow - just wow.

From BuzzFeed (via PW): For National Poetry Month: 48 of The Most Beautiful Lines of Poetry

From PW ShelfTalker: Coloring Books Are All the Rage - Of course I'm interested!

From The New York Times: When the World Went Pop

From The Guardian: Improbably libraries: unusual places to bury your head in a book

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