Horses at Hollins

One of my favorite things about Hollins University is the horses and the stable that keeps them. These are some seriously spoiled grand beasties.

     They live in a pristine environment and receive amazing care from the intuitive barn staff.

     Truly, I've never seen a barn kept so immaculately clean.

     Every year I look forward to grooming the horses. Happily, the barn staff welcomes me and I've become a part of the matrix there. Grooming makes the horses feel good, it helps socialize them, makes them pretty, and keeps them from getting bored. But mostly, it makes me feel GREAT! I could care less about riding the grand beasties - I just love grooming them!
     Stan got some pics of me working with Sycamore this morning. Sycamore is just about the sweetest horse on the planet!

     Sycamore has a spot on his neck that makes him lean like a happy dog.

     And after every grooming, I give them a treat. Although really, the treat is all mine. It's so nice to connect with the animals on such an intimate and intuitive level. What a gift. It makes my DAY!
     Photos ©Stan Dulemba, used with permission.

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