Groovy Book Covers

The other day an art director visited the design side of our classroom. She brought some very groovy examples of some amazingly clever book covers, like this one...

It's cover is printed acetate, as you can see here.

Even the jacketflaps, which shows up beautifully against the gorgous scarlet/salmon interior.

But this wasn't the only groovy example. Along the same idea of transparency, there was this cover that had areas of frost and clear, which reminded me of a Chip Kidd cover.

This cover was actually printed flocked velvet. I hate to think howw much that cost.

This book was actually a set of little books inside a beautifully designed box.

This next one wasn't a completely new idea, but it was done quite well. It had a die-cut jacket...

over a printed cloth cover.

In the corner of the images you see that box covered with the image of money? That was the case that held a book with covers made of mirrors. Sorry I didn't get a photo of that one.
     At any rate, it was an exquisite portfolio of the hights that books can be raised to - very nice!

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