The Pitt

I've shared The Pitt with you before, but it has been a while since we've been there. Winter and all that. But days are starting to get longer here, and the weekend was nice. So we wandered the lovely path to the Pitt. Gourmet food trucks were gathered all around with big barrels burning fires to keep us warm. This is one reason why we go. This was a mussel chowder and a lovely red wine.

Of course, the other reason we go is that we often run into fellow foodie friends there. Here is Stan, Georgia and me.

and Georgia, me and Connie.

In the background, Dave B Mac is playing his awesome slap guitar (the third reason we go).
     And they've been fixing up the joint, with wall art.

Random sculptures.

And bathrooms that now actually feature stalls! Hehe. It's a big rough around the edges, but that's part of what we love about it.
     And truly, the walk home is on a converted train trail through woods - so relaxing. Although, just before we got that far, we happened across this happy truck.

And a sign that struck me as funny.

That was my play day this week. Otherwise, I've been plugging away at uni. Only a few months left until graduation. OMG!

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