Bookmarks 2017

Today was the 2017 Bookmarks Fair. I didn't participate last year because of deadlines, so I really want to do something for it this year. Besides, I'd never done this sort of thing with my art really - packaging it up in cellophane sleeves as prints and cards for sale. So I wanted to know what was involved. Also, I knew that whatever I didn't sell at Bookmarks, I could put in the store during our graduation show. It seems the moment you present your artwork this way, it takes on a whole new level.
All the MA and MFA students shared 1.5 tables, so it was crammed silly with all our creations.
There were more tables this year, and it felt like more of a crowd, especially at the beginning.
We took turns manning the table while the others checked out the wares throughout the Fair. I had fun gushing about all my classmates' work - zines, cards, buttons, books, calendars, prints, postcards, etc.
We rotated quite a bit, but here are some of the gang - Von, Julija, Katie, Nadee. Not shown are Yifei, Harriet, J, Boris, Ann-Kathrin, and Vicky.
Katie did portraits during the event.
She did several of us in the studio before the Fair to show as examples. I think she nailed us!
Here's Katie with Julija and her portrait.
Some of us made a few pounds, although most of the damage was done buying each other's work. All said, it was a fun thing to do and a lovely event to hang out with friends. #ECABookmarks2017

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