Sunshine in Edinburgh

The irony is that the last post I did about spring arriving went live on a day of terrible weather. But such is the tease of spring. This past weekend was gorgeous once again, absolutely gorgeous!The florist on the walk home was well-stocked.
Then, I returned from the uni on Friday to find Stan well into the process of grilling hamburgers on a £2 grill in the parking lot in front of our flat. (You may have seen this on my FB page in the moment.)
The hamburgers were AMAZING!
The next day Stan and I just wanted to be out, so we meandered down Leith Walk for lunch on the dock at Teuchters.
People had come out of the woodwork to soak up the Vitamin D.
Controversial topics were off limites today, except for in the windows.
From Leith we slowly wandered back up Leith Walk, watched over by Queen Victoria.
Everywhere there were crowds of people sitting or standing outside diners, cafes and pubs.
With their dogs, of course.
Happily, before we reached the flat, we ran into a new friend from the Big Book Crit the other night. So we stopped for one last sun soak and fun conversation before heading home.
     Granted, I worked from home on Sunday. But the sun was shining in all the windows and it was lovely to know that spring was indeed waiting just outside. Perhaps it will stick around this time!


Jane Yolen said...

I miss you guys.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

We and Scotland await your return! Hugs, e