Academic Credit - Dissertation Summary!

Several of you expressed interest in reading my MFA dissertation and now is your chance! I created a summary version for a post at the academic blog "Reading Changes: Literacy and Literature for Children and Young Adults." The post is called "Comparing US and UK Picture Books: An Analysis of Cultural Contexts Between Award-winning Titles." It was requested by the head of Children's Literature at the University of Glasgow School of Education, Dr. Evelyn Arizpe, where I'll begin my PhD this fall.
     I'm proud to claim this as my second academic publication. The first was “Author Talkback: Creating A Bird on Water Street” in The Bloomsbury Introduction to Children’s and Young Adult Literature by Karen Coats (Bloomsbury, 2017, pages 340-3).
     I discuss some fascinating discoveries into the differences in color palettes between the two markets. I hope you find it interesting as well! (You can read it in Spanish too!!!)

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