Jennifer's Studio

Jennifer D. (Anderson) Printz is one of the full-time fine-arts professors at Hollins University. Recently, she invited our program faculty to her studio to get a behind-the-scenes peek at how she works. What a treat!
Jennifer's studio is on the top floor of a church. It's a small denomination, so to help out with costs, the entire upstairs is rented out to artists. Fabulous!
One of the rooms has an installation piece by Ralph Eaton made up of chairs arranged in the most amazing fashion - wow. It's called "Chairway to Heaven." Indeed.
Jennifer's studio is enormous and she's custom built much of the furniture in the space, like the central table that has built-in storage,
to the fold down drawing tables made of doors.
Much like us children's book creators, she pulls together inspiration...
then noodles out what she wants to do before she dives in.

Jennifer works in graphite on both small compositions...
and large.

She shared some cool pieces she's been creating on old ledger paper,
and other wonderful creations.

Other items are arranged neatly as they wait their turn to become art in Jennifer's hands.
It was so lovely to peek inside the creative space of this fascinating artist (and teacher). I'm so glad to be teaching alongside her at Hollins, even if it is only for six weeks in the summers.

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