My Classroom at Hollins

Wonder where I've been lately? Mostly hanging out here in my classroom studio at Hollins University.
This is where I teach Picture Book Design in the MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating program. We have a lovely little set up towards the back. The light is good for slideshows, and the view is incredible. There's a hawk who likes to hang out in a tree just outside sometimes. You can see the tree and watch for him while at the work table.
I set up my desk to be with the students this year.
On the wall behind me, I've got the book I'm working on with Jane Yolen, Crow Not Crow. I'm on sketch revisions right now. They're coming!
Next to my desk is our sitting area where we do Lookybooks each afternoon. It's our Genie Bottle. I even share a quilt my grandmother knitted for me as it gets cold in there. (Y'know that whole south + air conditioning thing.)
Yes, yes, I sold almost everything to move to Scotland. Almost. Some of it moved up to Hollins to be used by my students—like my orange bookshelf. Nowadays, it's a lending library.
All said, it's a happy place. Although, it's been keeping me mighty busy this year!!

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