Quantitative and Qualitative Methods...

Never did I think these words would be a part of my lexicon, but here they are. I took a week-long intensive on Research Design at the University of Glasgow last week. It meant getting up at 5:30am every day to commute from Edinburgh via bus (less than half the cost of the train). (But also meant I had a great view of the Super Moon on the bus ride home one evening.) I wasn't sure how the course would help me - I'm not a Social Scientist. But it turned out to be extremely helpful. It gave me structure for my thoughts and ideas on how to tackle them in a clear and well-defended way in my thesis. Who knew?
     I'll also be auditing Dr. Evelyn Arizpe's upcoming course on Children's Literature and Literacies Critical Enquiry. The reading list includes such awesome books as The City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende and Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz. How awesome is that? I've never enjoyed homework so much!
     All that said, I didn't play much this week. This must be remedied. Stay tuned for some holiday fun!

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