2018: The Year of the Bird!

National Geographic has announced that 2018 is THE YEAR OF THE BIRD: A YEAR-LONG EFFORT DEDICATED TO CELEBRATING AND PROTECTING BIRDS. It's been 100 years since the passing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. From their press release:
National Geographic, National Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology [MY publisher!], BirdLife International, and more than 100 organizations join forces for 12 months of storytelling and science to examine how our changing environment is impacting birds around the globe

Campaign to include simple but meaningful actions that anyone can take for a healthy planet filled with the beauty of birds

“If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the big environmental problems in the world.”
—Thomas E. Lovejoy, Tropical Conservation Biologist and National Geographic Fellow
Get some great ideas on how to celebrate and engage with the birds in your life at Houzz.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome video of a rare yellow cardinal in Alabama! Click the video to watch and read the story at the Good News Network.
AND check out the cover of my new book, CROW NOT CROW, written by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple at Mile High Reading: Coming Soon 2018 Picture Books Coming Soon! (More on that soon!)

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