Rugby in Scotland

The Scottish National Rugby Team played Wales this past weekend. It was a big match part of 6 Nations. So Stan and I met up at the Cask and Barrel to watch it. (This pub is a 5-minute walk from our flat.)
Stan had a beer, I drank tea and drew mostly. While around us we heard the disappointed groans of fans wearing navy with white trim.
Scotland basically got the stuffing knocked out of them, the score was embarrassing. PAH!!! So, when Scotland finally made a try at the very end of the game, the pub went wild with songs and cheering! (Sadly, I didn't catch the initial excitement, just the mad texting and tweeting afterward.)
Scots are fabulous underdogs, so it was a lovely way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

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Daffodil Cards said...

Don't want to boast? BUT Wales DID WIN LOL. I hope you enjoyed the atmosphere, which is always great when the matches are on.