Hazel Dunn on color palettes

I am such a geek about color palettes and personal color palettes. I teach it to my design students and have them do exercises to find their own. So, it's lovely to find someone else as crazy about color palettes as I am - Hazel Dunn. During the PictureHooks workshop last week, she shared a collection of color palettes she put together. First, she takes an image she especially enjoys, then she breaks out the color palette from it, like this:
You can see how she breaks out the colors in alignment with where they appear in the image.

She had about 15 of these, which she bound together in a booklet. At the back of the book was a collection of the colors she chose, creating a thorough and referencable personal color palette.
For individual projects, she also did color studies, which she again collected in a little book.
In this study, she placed colors on top of each other to make sure they worked together. It's also a great way to make sure the values aren't the same and none of the colors are vibrating as a result of fighting for dominance.
More brilliant take-away ideas from this so-called beginner. I love it!

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