Halloween Reads...

Several spooky reads have moved onto my radar this Halloween season and I'm thrilled to share them with you! The first is a picture book that you may not have heard of. It's a ghost story in a sense with a lovely spooky vibe called A Boy and a House by Maja Kastelic for Annick Press.
The book is full of luscious illustrations (the "I wish I'd done that" sort) and easter eggs are hidden throughout.
I'm trying to get Maja on my blog as I'd love a closer look into her(?) method!

The next is a new graphic novel that's received some very nice press and for good reason. It's called Sheets by Brenna Thummler for Lion Forge.
This is another creator I'd like to feature. I mean, look at these color palettes! Yes, it's a ghost story, but a gorgeous one!

I haven't forgotten the in-between set! Koyama Press has two new spooky-themed graphic novels available just in time for Halloween. Evie and the Truth About Witches by John Martz is one I would have loved at this reading age. It leaves you thinking...
For a more adventure-seeker-reader there's Britt Wilson's Ghost Queen. It's frenetic in its energy, a bit like trying to watch a video game, just right for energetic readers.
So, keep an eye out for these spooky reads this Halloween, and don't stay up too late reading. BWAHAHAHA!!!!.

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