Friday Links List - 11 January 2019

From The Guardian: 'Leading the entertainment pack': UK print book sales rise again

From The Bookseller: Indie Bookshop Numbers Rise For Second Consecutive Year

From Brightly: The Most Exciting Young Adult Books of 2019 AND The Most Exciting Middle Grade Books of 2019

From PW: Wondering Where Publishing Is Headed? Ask Its Future Leaders. "Yap also wants writers to be able to afford to just be writers, and nothing else. He points to midlist authors who receive book contracts that don’t provide them with enough income to earn a living, but who could write more than one 300-page book a year. “We’re here because some of these people are amazing writers, and their publishers, for whatever corporate reasons, aren’t going to pay them enough to live on,” he says. “And that’s something I’d like to change. Books should be more diverse, and midlist writers should have a way to make a living doing what they love and not be forced to take these jobs that they hate.”

From The Picture Book Den: Learning from Reflecting Realities and Reading the 1% by Chitra Soundar

From PW: The disturbing article "New [Author's] Guild Report Finds More Declines in Author Earnings" (Still think we get rich doing this?)

From Forbes: INTERESTING!!! 7 Publishing Insights Revealed By Last Year's Top 100 Bestselling Books

From PW: Looking for a job? Here's a good way to do it. If B&N doesn't offer this woman a job, they're insane: "What I Learned from Visiting B&N Stores: An author and reader makes some recommendations that she hopes can improve the retailer's fortunes"

From The Bookseller: Helen Oxenbury pays tribute to 'gargantuan' John Burningham (her husband)

From For Reading Addicts: High School Transforms Hallways Into Iconic Book Covers - FANTASTIC!!!!

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