Self-celebration Day in Edinburgh

When I finished the sketches for my latest picture book, ON EAGLE COVE, I felt like celebrating! It was a lovely day in Edinburgh, so I went for a walk-about. The holiday crowds have mostly dispursed, so navigating the sidewalks is easy. I stopped into several of my favorite shops, including Waterstones. I just love the energy of a good bookstore. There, I found their table of classically Scottish picture books. I'm happy to claim several of these creators as friends now.
And I enjoyed one of the best views of the castle in the city, from the third story balcony in the coffee shop:
Harry Potter remains a constant draw here, especially since Edinburgh is J.K. Rowling's home too (although I have yet to see her in person):
After leaving Waterstones, I stopped Hotel Chocolat to indulge in a magnificent cup of hazelnut hot chocolate (with soymilk) - so good! Then, on my way home with a smile on my face, I was reminded of how fun it is to live in a city where you tend to see the oddest things. Case in point, it was about 38° and this woman was carrying a surf board! Don't ask me why. (I asked her about it but couldn't understand what she said. Yes, the Scottish accent can sometimes indeed seem like another language altogether.)
OH - and I'm still taking photographs of gloves - the latest in front of Stac Polly. What a nice way to celebrate an accomplishment with a lovely day in Edinburgh!

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