Going to color on EAGLE

I'm starting to experiment with color scripts for my newest picture book, ON EAGLE COVE written by Jane Yolen for Cornell Lab Publishing Group. To do this, I lay out the spreads as thumbnails onto the paper I'll be using - Arches 140 hot press. I printed out two versions - one with the graphite as its normal grey and the other in sepia.
With the art small like this, I can easily lay in large areas of color and see what the dominant colors will be. Already, this book is presenting itself as a very different color palette than I usually work with - it will be lots of cyans and greens. I don't typically work with a lot of cyan/blue so this will be challenging and fun!
I'm also deciding what colors the people will be wearing, what will pop best off of the background colors. This is one of my favorite stages of the creative process.

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