Happy Birthday Jane!

Today is Jane Yolen's 80th birthday! I sent her a hand-made card to mark the occasion:
And since Jane is at her US home now, a bunch of her Scottish writer friends gathered at her Scottish home in Wayside to throw a party in her honor. We gathered a feast of course, and Gill made a Clementine cake!
Here are Joan Lennon, Gill Arbuthnott, and Elizabeth Kerner talking about Jane (were your ears itching, Jane?).
And Mark Smith and Bob Harris.
Of course I missed a photo of me and Debby (she's always behind a camera), but I did get one of 'the Elizabeths' - Jane has an unusually large amount of Elizabeths in her life.
And of course, we talked about books. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!!!! As is our wont. But mostly, we celebrated Jane and what a gift her 80 years have been to all of US. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE!!!

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