Completed my VIVA!!!!

I just finished my viva and am thrilled to share I got exactly the outcome I was hoping for - a “B” with ONE month of “enhancements”!!! (A full “A” with no revisions is almost unheard of in the UK.) So, YAY!!!!! The examination team will formalize the feedback and send me revision notes in about a week, then I’ll have a month to turn them around. Once my “enhancements” are approved, I will receive my doctoral letter. So, I’m about 6 weeks away from being “Dr. E” now!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!!!! 😊

MANY thanks to my amazing supervisors, Dr Maureen Farrell, Dr Rob Maslen, and Prof Bob Davis. I SO enjoyed our years of working so closely together - I am a better person for knowing all of you! Thank you also to Kay Livingston, our convenor; to my internal examiner, Prof James Conroy; and to my external examiner, Dr Vicky Macleroy. My PhD was a beast (a 90,000-word thesis with a 90,000-word novel attached as an appendix), so I so appreciate their time, interest, and in-depth questions!

The viva was tough, stressful, but also so much fun! I loved answering those hard questions about this topic that I've studied so deeply for three years now: "Tricksters, Witches, and Warriors: A Feminist Experiment in Rewriting a Patriarchal Narrative in Children's Fantasy Literature." Once the pain of academic childbirth (*ahem*) wears off, I'll be writing more about it all for conferences and journals. So, stay tuned!

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Jennifer Oberholtzer said...

I knew you would do great! You have worked so hard & I am so excited for you! 💝