Friday Links List - 5 February 2021

From The Bookshelf: Bookshelf Poetry - a clever message of hope

From The Guardian: Children's books roundup: the best new picture books and novels

From The Society of Illustrators: David Grove: A Retrospective

From We Need Diverse Books: Applications Open for the 2021 WNDB Internship Grants

From Print and Pattern: New Work: Jessica Swift (fun cards)

From Scholly: Eliminate your student debt with Natural Light’s $1 million dollar student loan payoff.

From Cynsations: New Visions: Author-Illustrator Isabella Kung Discusses her Journey to Publication - LOVE the idea of creating "emoji stickers"!

From Urban Sketchers: March Newsletter

From Muddy Colors:
     How I Scan and Assemble My Work
     Rowena and Gary

From The Art Room Plant:
     Jitka Kolinska

     Nina Dzyvulska's Mini Books

From Established Titles: YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS LEGAL LOOPHOLE IN SCOTLAND! - Become a Lord of one square foot in Scotland!

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