01 February 2007

Hans Wilhelm - his OPs are BACK!!

     Wow. Technology changes our world once again.
     Hans Wilhelm has brought back all of his out-of-print picture books, but this time they are on his WEBSITE to be downloaded and enjoyed by all, for free!
     He is quoted in Publishers Weekly as saying, "It is entirely logical. Books seem to go out of print faster and faster these days, often for reasons beyond our control and not always because they aren't selling well, and it is a pity that many powerful books are no longer available. I thought there is no reason why my out-of-print books should collect dust on a shelf when I could keep them alive. So I'm taking them out of retirement so that they can continue to give joy and pleasure to millions around the world."
     What a great idea! And what a great thing that our modern technology can open such wonderful opportunities to those who hadn't seen his earlier works.
     Good books never have to die! Ain't technology grand?



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