19 February 2007

The Mysterious Missy and Snuffles

My favorite poster from the Childrens-Writers Message Board has finally started a blog. Her latest post about where rejection letters come from is a perfect example of why I love her so. Even though I've spoken with her for years on CW, I still know precious little about our mysterious Missy. She supposedly has a book for adults published, but refuses to give up her pseudonym - I wish she would, I'd love to read it. And while she doesn't have a children's book out yet, from the teensy hints she drops, I believe she's close. Boy, will that be something. Anyhow, check out her blog, but don't drink anything first lest you blow it out all over your computer screen in raucous guffaws.

On another note, estoy inferma. I am mucho sick-o, and this mucho suck-o's. I can't seem to kick this thing and long for the day when I can actually breath through my nose again. Gaads. Anyhow, I can't focus very well, so I'm a bit light on my postings lately (oh, except for the ugly irritable rant I removed the other day). Please send healthy vibes my way, and take your Vitamin C. You don't want to catch this . . . achooooo!



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