Barnes & Noble - Northpoint and Paco!

     And the festivities continue! Today I had two book signings - the first at the Barnes & Noble in Alpharetta. Can I tell you how happy it makes me to walk in and see stacks and stacks of my books? I'm suddenly feeling prolific or something!
     And they had a stack of my first picture The Prince's Diary on the main display wall . . . without coaxing. They didn't realize that was my book too! (Obviously it's selling well - woohoo!)
     Of course, it's all about the kids - and there was a gang of 'em! The little ones love to help me draw the shapes we'll use to draw Rosebud the vaca. (Who ended up purple this time . . . oh, and sans ears - oops!)
     Thanks to Suzanne and Michelle for the warm welcome and for taking this great picture - can you find me buried in all those tater tots?

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