Kick off Fiesta for Paco at Little Shop of Stories!

     Wowsa, I'm still trying to recover. Yesterday was just over the top wonderful! All my favorite people showed up and lots more that I didn't know. We had the kick off party for Paco and the Giant Chile Plant in Little Shop of Stories's shiny new events space which has a lovely balcony overlooking the store. It was truly the first time they used it, so a great test. And wow did it work out well. We set up a table for food (see Liz and Ami in the background?), another for giveaways, and another for me to sign books. (I signed a LOT!) We set up my easel at the end of the space and everybody sprawled on the floor and leaned against the walls. There was plenty of room, but we filled it UP! And I was just having a ball. We handed out sparkly chile stickers and moustaches and gave awaysombreros during the Spanish quiz . . . the kids were thoroughly decked out!!
We played telephone, and limbo! (Kids can get really low!)

     Thanks so much to my good friends at Little Shop of Stories for hosting the party and being so supportive of my career. I moved to Atlanta almost the same weekend they opened, and they have had my back from the start. (Here's Diane with her daughter. The mustachio'd amigas!)
     Thanks so much to my family and good friends who came to support me. I am a lucky, lucky girl to have such fun and beautiful people in my life. I was feeling way loved - you guys ROCK!!

     Here I am with Mark and Raquel, friends from Spanish class, and Rosebud the vaca who turned out orange this time!
     So, Paco and the Giant Chile Plant has been properly introduced to the world. The story is a blast to read (thank you author Keith Polette!) and a wonderful teaching tool as well. It's also been a project that finally gave me an excuse to learn Spanish which has tied me in with the Latin community here in Atlanta in a way which I will forever appreciate.
     I know being published is an enormous milestone in itself, but sometimes a particular book can change your life too. Paco has done that for me and I am exceedingly proud of it and thankful for the opportunities it has opened to me. Thanks to Raven Tree Press for asking me to illustrate such a special, special book. (Could I smile any bigger?)

     So Paco, meet the world! Let's see how you do!

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