ForeWord Magazine - on blogging

     How cool is this!?
     Librarian and fellow blogger Jackie Parker has been writing for ForeWord Magazine, and recently put out a call to bloggers on one of my message boards. She had lots of questions like:

     Were you already published when you started blogging?
     Why did you start blogging? Why do you continue?
     Has your blog changed over time?
     How has blogging affected your career?

     Several of us responded and she's collated our answers in "Let's Hand it to the Girls," her latest (and unfortunately last) Shelf Space entry.
     I loved reading the other responses, and found that we all seem to have similarities in the when, why, hows.
     So if you're thinking about diving into the blogosphere yourself - go have a read. Maybe you'll get some ideas. And if you already blog, maybe you'll see some similarities to your own journey. Fun stuff!

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