The Reading Tree loves Paco!

     My second visit today was to the new independent children's bookstore in Alpharetta, The Reading Tree. You have stopped by, right? It looks straight out of "You've Got Mail" - warm fuzzies all over.
     And I got a bonus, Stacey Kaye, the author of the ParentSmart series (which I illustrated and which comes out in June) stopped by with her entire family - that's her standing to the left in the background. (Watch a great TV interview with Stacey as she talks about the new books - click here.) Her daughters sat in front, and what cuties - they made great side-kicks!
     Turns out the slightly older kids love helping me draw the shapes just as much as the younger ones. And with the older kids, we get to play telephone.
     The kids chose green for Rosebud this time, so truly, she has become a cow of a different color . . . many different colors. And I remembered her ears this time.
     Thanks to my friends Cindy and Martha (feel better soon!) for inviting me for my first book signing in your wonderful new store!!

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