2008 Decatur Book Festival - Friday!

The whirlwind has begun!!
     This morning I had the pleasure of introducing Robert Sabuda and Matthew Rienhart (Paper Engineers extraordinaire), as well as Sarah Prineas (author of The Magic Thief) to scads of children who walked, trotted, ran from their schools to see them.
     Had lunch with Dave, owner of Little Shop of Stories, on the square while being serenaded by a nearby Saxaphone player. Ahhhh, the calm before the storm.
     Have I ever mentioned that if you eat outside of The Brick Store Pub, all of Decatur will walk by you within a matter of an hour?
     Well, sure enough, Daren Wang joined us (DBF organizer) as did Adam Rex (awesome illustrator/author). Had the pleasure of seeing Chris Raschka again.
     While grabbing my author packet at Lenz (they did all the DBF logo, identity, signage - good job guys!) I ran into Cheryl Klein (US editor for Harry Potter) and Sara Shepherd (author of Pretty Little Liars). Sarah Prineas caught up and we went back to the Brick for 2nd lunches - just like the Hobbits! (Okay, I only ate once.)
     This is what I love about this book festival. The energy is contagious and to hang out with fellow creators who I respect and admire is such fun. I thought I'd get home to do some work at some point, but no way. I'm back to drive Cheryl to her first event at 4:00, so have to zoom. And dinner with Kerry Madden (Gentle's Holler, etc.) and those listed above, then Deborah Wiles (Each Little Bird that Sings, etc.) will join us for Billy Collins - it just doesn't stop.
     I swear, I'm just going to pop a tent at our CBAIS booth and soak it all in, all weekend long. Hope you can make it by! I'll blog as I can...

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