Welcome to the World Brady and Quinn!

     I have two new little twin cousins!! These two little boys were a true miracle. Completely identical, they actually shared the same amniotic sac (or whatever you call that thing). Their umbilical chords wrapped and wrapped around each other every time they moved, so when they started out, there wasn't a lot of hope. And there wasn't much their Mom could do about it. She was on bed-rest at the hospital over the last month to keep an eye on the little buggers, but truly, it was up to them to play nice in there.
     Well, they made it to a safe date to be removed (1 1/2 months early), but as you can see, they came out healthy and strong (albeit tiny). The top image is Brady - and the bottom one is of Quinn "snorkeling" (as his Mom puts it).
     The doctors were truly amazed the boys made it, and you can see why if you see how twisted their umbilical chords were. It's truly gross, but if you can handle it, click here.
     A miracle indeed. Welcome to the world Brady and Quinn!! Ironically, their Grandpa and his brother are also identical twins, so the tradition continues!

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