Bigfoot in Georgia??

     According to this article in the AJC (Atlanta Journal and Constitution), a Bigfoot body has been found and will be presented at a press conference in California later today.
     I have always loved these types of mysteries. I read books on all sorts of ghosts and creatures as a kid, and it always freaked me out to finally put my book down and realize it was 2 am and I was the only one awake in the house. Don't know why I kept doing it to myself.
          Three of my friends, Kelly Milner Halls, Rick Spears, and Roxyanne Young never stopped being fascinated and co-authored Tales of the Cryptids: Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist. In fact, Rick is quoted in the AJC article as an expert on the subject!
     What did he have to say about this Bigfoot discovery? As he wrote to me:
     "The picture is real . . . it's a real picture of a fake bigfoot! It's a dead ringer (no pun) of a bigfoot costume you can buy online. From a more 'CSI' approach: apes are covered in hair (like us humans, only longer) not fur. The 'carcass' in the photo looks like a brown shag bath mat.
     All pictures of bigfoot in the wild are blurry, out of focus and grainy...
these guys have a dead bigfoot lying still in a freezer,
and their picture is STILL blurry, out of focus and grainy! Go figure."

     LOL! Here's Rick with Cryptids and four of his illustrations in our 1st SCBWI Southern Breeze Children's Book Illustrators' Gallery Show!

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