It's Talk Like a Pirate Day - 2008! (and IF=click)

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     Ahoy, matees! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!
     I love this holiday. It hasn't been around very long, (you can read about how it started herrrrre) but it sure is fun. How to celebrate? Well, add a whole bunch of "RRRRR's" to your speech and go play Adventure Golf at Pirate's Cove! If there's not one near you (there are so many!), how about coloring a pirate? (A bonus to Coloring Page Tuesdays!)
     Click the image above to open a .jpg to print and color. Send me your colored version (less than 1mb) to and I'll post it to my blog!
     So what does a pirate's set of encyclopedias look like? (From

     For more ways to celebrate, check out my Talk Like a Pirate Day posts from 2007 and 2006! Arrrrr, mateys!

     For more coloring pages, go here.
As far as Illustration Friday goes - well, it just clicked that I should make this my submission this week - ha!

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