My Stats Surpassed 1,000!

     Wowsa - we've hit a milestone! Tuesday was the first time I've seen my stats go over 1,000 page loads in ONE DAY!!! Woohoo!!
     So according to my Stats Company,, 73,777 of you have visited my website for the first time so far this year. 5,719 have been here before (thank you loyal followers!!), and 123,939 page loads have happened so far this year! That's an average of over 300 visitors a day! Those are some pretty impressive numbers if I do say so myself.
     Of course, it's all about you guys. Thank you, thank you and please share my website and my blog with your friends and family. Let them know about Coloring Page Tuesdays. And sign up to receive e's news or subscribe to my RSS feed to the right!
     I love sharing with you guys - thanks for being there!

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