Which Book to Buy?

     I keep asking you to buy books as gifts this year, but if you're not a big book person, where do you start? Well, Large Hearted Boy has put together an extensive list of links to all the 2008 Year-End Book Lists. And after looking through them, I'm just honored to be included in the Moonbeam Children's Book Award List. There are a ton of books out there!! Of course, several of the same ones seem to keep popping to the top. (Thanks to BookTour.com for the link.)
     Of course, the very best way to choose a book is to go to your local independent book seller and tell them about the person you're buying for. That's where Indies rock - they specialize in putting the right book in the right hands. If you're in my area, Little Shop of Stories is the place to go. Maybe I'll see you there!

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