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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's iPad

Drum roll please...

(I'm following the live blog feed on engadget.com - maclive.com was struggling. They think the iPad killed the internet. Ha!)

I'm tweeting what I learn as I learn it at @dulemba

Cool new features on the Painting apps - but still no touch sensitivity?? Apple - I want a digital sketch pad!!!!

I like the visual pages, but there's not much else on iBooks (not eBooks). But WHAT is this iBookstore???

Nothing on picture books. Methinks we have a trail that needs a' blazin'....

Okay - this is cool. We can type like this...

or like this!!!!

Hubbie mentioned its bluetooth capability which means you could probably use it with an unattached keyboard as well.

Bottom line = I hate the name, but I might have to have one. iPad


Janet said...

Interesting -- thanks for posting this. And yes, I heard one commenter say "there obviously wasn't a woman in the room when they decided this name." Ha!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

*cough* Yah - no kidding!

Apple IPad Reviews said...

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