Coloring Page Tuesday - Romance Reader

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     The holiday of luv will be upon us soon and I know y'all are anxious to start making cards and send out your greetings. So, here's my first Valentine's Day image for 2010...
     How many times have we missed what was right in front of us because we were focused elsewhere?
     Click the image to open a .jpg to print and color. Send me your colored version (less than 1mb) to and I'll post it to my blog!

Getting Closer on the Giveaway!
     We need to reach 1,500 before I do the drawing for SOAP, SOAP, SOAP - but we're getting closer every day. We're at 1,479 subscribers! So how can your friends sign up? Tell them to visit Coloring Page Tuesdays, or go HERE.

Update! Several of you emailed that you loved the Moose sketch from last week, so I've made him into an actual coloring page as well. So here's a bonus on this Coloring Page Tuesday - Moosie 2!

So, I may be opening a huge can of worms here (I can't promise I'll post all the cards y'all send me - it's a LOT!) - but check out the sweet card Vicky Gould made using this week's image!


cal8007 said...

Thanks for posting the cards; I love your drawings and have used them in the past to make cards. This one is very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Carmen Lucero

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying them Carmen!

Amy O said...

I really like Romance Reader. It has definite card possibilities. Thanks for all your hard work!

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

You're most welcome Amy! Be sure to share your creations in my gallery! :) e