Obscura Day

March 20th is Obscura Day. It's a day to experience the wacky, weird and wondrous all over the world. Unfortunately, there isn't an event in my state of Georgia (which is downright wrong, because we have some seriously wacky stuff here), but there are events all over the country - even the world.
     For instance, this image is from the stone ruins of Gungywamp Hill in Groton, Connecticut. You can participate in an afternoon of exploring the hidden chambers there. Or maybe you'd like to learn how to make Dorodango balls in Albuquerque, New Mexico? How about exploring the International Cryptozoology museum in Portland, Maine, or participating in a synchronized ringing rocks concert in Butte, Montana and Bucks County, Pennsylvania?
     Man, there's just all kinds of weird and interesting stuff in here. And they might be fantastic inspiration for locations for crazy new novels to take place! Some of the ventures still have openings so click the logo to learn more.
Thanks to Daily Candy for the heads up.


Deebi27 said...

I just love reading your blog. You have put many smiles on my face. Gungywamp Hill in Groton, Connecticut really looks like a cool place to investigate. I know there are places in SW Indiana that are in the middle of nowhere that are beautiful and fantastic places to fish! Shhh can't reveal my fishing hole!!!!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks Deebie! How can anybody not want to visit a place called Gungywamp!?
I have to think up some crazy places for Georgia for next year.