I was recently turned onto Adopt a Classroom. You can make donations to your favorite schools or teachers to help fill needs budgets don't cover.
     For instance, did you know the average teacher spends $1,200 per year out of their own pocket on things as basic as paper and pencils to make sure their students have what they need? Even a small donation could help.
     Hubbie and I made a pretty nice one to the school near us (I use their track almost every day so it was the least we could do). We then put out a challenge to our neighborhood's message board. Small steps, big results.
     I bet there's a school near you who could use some help too. Visit and punch in your zip code to find out.
     And teachers - if you need help in your classroom, be sure to register!


Nancy said…
Thanks for sharing this with everyone, Elizabeth. We're so glad that you were able to support a classroom in a neighborhood school. We hope other members of your community will do the same - go to and make a classroom grant. Have a great summer!

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