23 May 2010

Go Nuts with COLOR!!

Boing Boing recently posted an article on Colourlovers: free, online alternative to Pantone. I've mentioned I used to work in the children's fashion industry and that we leaned on companies that specialized in forecasting color trends, etc. Their presentations were always a blast. So, I love that there's a new way to play with color palettes using COLOURlovers. And if you don't think it fits into your life, use their COLOURlovers | themeleon Twitter application to play with a new background - FUN!


Sarah Nussbaumer said...


Thanks for the great post. This is so much fun and will really be helpful. You can always be counted on to find real jems on the internet.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

So glad you enjoy reading Sarah!

Deebi27 said...

Ditto Sarah, I continue to tell you how much I appreciate all the neat links you pass on. Some are serious, quirky, unusual, but always fun and maybe even educational! I will pass on this link to those who also enjoy color! Thanks ever so much...Deebi27

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks Deebi!


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