21 May 2010

Liz's Birthday

Today is my friend, Liz Conrad's birthday. We lost her last summer to cancer and I miss her bunches. Liz, wherever you are - I'm thinking about you.
You can read about my amazing friend here: In Memoriam (the original post on my old blog had over 70 comments which I turned into a memory book for her family). For illustrators in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi, you can also learn about the scholarship fund we started in her name at Southern Breeze.


Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

God, I didn't even know it was her birthday. My heart hurts. Great picture. Thanks for posting.

Gail said...

Know that wherever Liz is, she is watching you and being your guardian angel:-)
Good wishes to you for keeping Liz's memory alive.


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