The Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia opens today - girl's night out, woohoo!


Anonymous said…
mmm I've loved the scenary, and wow he is gorgeus, but is not his best performance!!! and all those snakes, well 1/3 of the film I was under my hands!!! And ok, she is beautiful, but maybe a little more character in her expressions ? nice pan yet a bit long the fighting scenes.
Must say you confirm some of my concerns after watching the trailer - but I still gotta go see it! :) e
Indeed!!!! Plot? We don't need no stinking plot!
Laura Zarrin said…
I loved it! Lots of action + Jake. Yum! As the wife of a Persian man, I would have loved to see a Persian in the movie, tho. Maybe even better if they had Persian accents instead of British. Still loved it!
Oh for real??? No Persians in Persia? Hmmmm!

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